Vudu Sacrifice No. 7 Cigar Review

Vudu Sacrifice Cigar

Vudu Sacrifice No.7, the cigar that’s I’ve been pushing to the side in my humidor for the past three years finally gets a chance to say farewell. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take. The appearance of the cigar is very rustic with lots of veins and has a cool looking band.

Pre-Light Draw

The cigar is light and airy with the right amount of resistance. On the cold draw I’m getting tobacco and nuts. This is the type of cigar I prefer to sip on nice and slow to try and keep an even burn as much as possible.

The Sniff

Nothing really except a light tobacco aroma.

First, Second, and Final Third

The cigar is pretty consistent in flavors throughout. The dominant flavor is a strong and slightly bitter tobacco. The only other flavors that I can pull out of it is a slight nuttiness and caramel. Past the second third the burn got uneven and needed a couple touch ups, but it wasn’t extreme.

Final Thoughts

The Vudu Sacrifice Reminds me of the first cigar I ever tried my senior year in high school in the 90’s. Just straight tobacco tasting. I love the smell of moist snuff tobacco, and I’m guessing that if you rolled up some dry Skoal Straight snuff and smoked it you would get similar flavors.

Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras Corojo
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua

Size: Toro (5.75 × 50)

Cigar Viper Rating 4.5 out of 10

Construction: 5
Appearance: 5
Burn: 4
Flavor: 4

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