La Palina Black Label & Samuel Smiths Stout


An Organic Chocolate Bomb – La Palina Black Label and Samuel Smiths Stout

If you like chocolate then you might find this to be the perfect pairing. This is what is must feel like to be Willy Wonka. Throw on a purple suit, crack open a bottle of chocolate stout, and light up a La Palina Black Label cigar and you have the perfect combination of being a straight up pimp.

As for the beer itself it’s chocolaty and clean tasting. This was very fresh tasting with just the slightest notes of barley. It’s not something I would usually buy. I prefer a hop bomb or just a plain whiskey to go with a cigar if I’m having something with alcohol, but I wouldn’t think twice about buying a chocolate stout, preferably this one because I already know it’s a good one. Check out: La Palina and Southern Tier IPA Pairing.

Now pairing this drink with a La Palina Black Label just doubles the fun. In my opinion the Black and Red Label cigars by La Palina are by far an excellent top notch stick. The black label has a deep coco flavor with a floral note. Almost like an herb of some kind. Half way through the stick the chocolate taste was even deeper than it started with. Not complaining at all. The final third I was picking up a more leather note as the chocolate seemed to be fading away. With that said the herbal flower note was much more noticeable. I don’t want to say clove but that’s what I was picking up.

About the Cigar
Toro 6 x 50
Strength: Medium – Full
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua
Origin: Dominican Republic

Samuel-Smiths-Organic-Stout La-Palina-Black-Label-Cigar