Great Lakes Brewing Co Oktoberfest Oliva Serie V Melanio Pairing

oktoberfest-beer-oliva-cigar-pairingAlthough the pairing was off a bit I thought it was still decent. The Oliva Serie V Melanio is currently one of my favorite cigars, so this can be somewhat of an unfair review. I liked the cigar way more than the beer. The beer is a Marzen style lager with a slight rustic earthy flavor and is extremely smooth made by Great Lakes Brewing Co. If I have this beer again I would pair it with a Camacho Connecticut or something more on the medium to light side.

Overall the beer and cigar was good by themselves but the pairing was not a match when it comes to equaling the strength and flavors.

Pairing Notes: This Oktoberfest would pair nicely with a medium body cigar. You could even go as far as a light bodied cigar and it would still pair well together.

That’s how light the beer is in strength – flavor strength that is.

I was thirsty for more so grabbed a Gurkha Legend and it was a much better pairing in my opinion. The flavors in both the beer and the cigar stood out and blended nicely together!