Cat’s Away IPA – Quick Review


The Cat’s Away IPA is a beer with a taste that you probably won’t expect coming from a can labeled IPA. The smell is nice and fruity with a medium bitty flavor for the first few drinks with zero after taste the more you drink. If you are looking for a hoppy flavor – this is not it. There’s maybe a little after taste and the only thing I can think of is battery acid. That taste you get after licking a 9V battery …YUM!

I don’t think this is the worst beer out there but the marketing can be misleading. But then again this seems to be a Wal-Mart beer, so there you go. After doing a search on this beer, I came across some interesting articles and lots of review sites where it was getting very low ratings. Here’s one article that actually speaks about a lawsuit:

Final thoughts: It’s a cheap beer that you can drink!


The best part of drinking this beer was the CAO cigar. It made it a much better experience.