Caldwell Collection The King Is Dead Manzanita Petit Corona Review


This morning I tried The King Is Dead Manzanita Petit Corona. It’s a nice medium to full flavor stick that went perfect with my dark coffee. The size is 4 x 42, a very petite cigar! The smaller cigars I sometimes have problems with if I don’t have them every so often because I often find myself accidently inhaling the smoke. My go to ring gauge is always 50+. It’s kind of like fishing. The bigger the bait the bigger the fish! The burn on this thing was perfect all the way down. It burned beautifully!

Tasting Notes

This little cigar started with earthy notes and coco. When the ash dropped I started to get some dark chocolate along with an earthy wood taste. For the final third I found the taste to remain the same except for a little black pepper taking over really kicking things into high gear. Overall this little guy was just full of flavor.

Final Thoughts

I will be getting more of these for a full flavor but short morning smoke. A medium to full flavor petite size stick in the morning is a perfect way to get things rocking.

About the Cigar

Shape: Petite Corona
Size: 4 x 42
Strength: Medium – Full
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper Type: Negrito
Color: Colorado Maduro