Alec Bradley – Sun Grown Blend


The cold sniff on this is amazing! It really has that dark, hay like, type of tobacco scent. I’ve had 3 of these before this overview and this one in partlicular is on the loose side with quit the draw. I don’t remember this cigar being that loose.

From the start it has a very nice tobacco taste that reminds me of roasted almonds with a woodsy note. A little past the first third mark, I had some slight burn issues causing a change in flavor –kind of like burnt oriental tobacco?

After this little problem was solved it started smoking beautifully and just full of flavor. The smoke output is through the roof!

At the half way mark it’s sweet but strong with an almond taste. The burn has become perfect! I was not expecting this one to smoke so smooth and even since it was so loose but it did. Even after the burn problem the tobacco had no noticeable change in flavor. The only big change in the final third is the flavor being more fully.

If you like a sweet but bold flavor with a woodsy and nutty note, then this one is for you. The quality and choice of tobacco in this cigar makes it an excellent stick, especially at its price point.

A perfect end of the day smoke!